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Historian on hockey
- Apr 23, 2018 -

Historians believe that hockey has emerged in ancient civilizations in many countries. In China, India, Persia and other countries also have historical records. According to inferences, ancient humans used branches and sticks to hit or roll balls to celebrate triumph, or to throw stones at a fixed target, or use a stick to tease the cobblestones and turn to entertain themselves. After a long period of development and continuous improvement, these activities gradually evolved into hockey.

Ancient Chinese steps played much earlier than the history of European hockey, and in about the 8th century AD, they spread to Japan in the east. At the time of the Sui and Tang dynasties, the existing ancient capital of Japan’s ancient capital, Nara Shozakura, weaved a figure of a child playing on the ball. The felt is 236 centimeters long and 124 centimeters wide. The pattern of felt is composed of flowers and a ball-shaped boy. The boy who hits the ball holds a crescent-shaped club in his right hand and is hitting the ball with a curved leg. A ball is painted on the left. The whole pattern vividly shows the vivid scene of the hitting by the Tang dynasty boy. Therefore, there should be a certain origin relationship between European hockey and Chinese steps.

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