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Hockey Arena
- Apr 23, 2018 -

1.1 The playing field is rectangular

a. Length 91.40 meters (100 yards);

b. width 55.00 meters (60 yards);

c. Clear lines are drawn according to the map of the playing field, preferably in white.

1.2 All markers are 75 mm (3 inches) wide

They are part of the playing field and should be drawn in full length:

a. The two long lines (91.40 meters) around the site are called edge lines;

b. Two short lines (55.00 meters) around the site are called end lines;

c. The part between the two goal posts on the end line is called the goal line.

There should be at least 5 meters and 4 meters of buffer zone outside the end line and outside the edge respectively.

1.3 Other marker lines

a. Connect the midline of two edges;

b. Two 22.9 m (25 yd) lines connecting two edges: The distance from the line near the midline to the outer edge of the proximal line is 22.90 meters (25 yards);

The area contained by the 25-character line and related edges and end lines, including the 25-yard line itself, is called the 25-yard area.

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