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Hockey dress and apparatus
- Apr 23, 2018 -

5.1 players on the field

a. The players on the court of the same team should wear the clothes recognized by their association or club;

b. Do not wear anything that may cause harm to other athletes.

The rules committee strongly advocates that players on the court wear leg shields, shin guards, and tooth sockets.

5.2 Goalkeeper

Hockey goalie helmet

Hockey goalie helmet

a. Should wear a jacket with a color different from that of the team and the other team members;

b. Helmets must be worn with good protection unless penalty kicks (not penalty kicks);

Well-Protective Helmet: The Rules Committee strongly advocates that goalkeepers wear helmets to provide fixed protection for the entire face and cover the entire head, including the back of the head and throat. Helmets designed for ice hockey players usually meet the needs of most goalkeepers.

At the same time, it is also strongly advocated that the goalkeeper wears other protective gear (for example, protection of the body, hands, elbows, thighs, knees, etc.) at any time. the following

Hockey Goalkeeper Armor

Hockey Goalkeeper Armor

The brace can only be used by goalkeepers: body guards, leg guards, foot guards, hand guards, and devices that protect the thighs, upper arms, and elbows.

c. Leggings, feet, and hand guards: must not have hard edges or protrusions;

d. Leggings: When worn on the goalie's legs, the maximum width is 300 mm;

e. Handguards: The maximum width is 228 mm when face up, and the maximum length from the bottom to the top is 355 mm. There must not be attachments that keep the goalkeeper still attached to the guard when the goalkeeper is not holding the stick;

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