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Hockey goal
- Apr 23, 2018 -

2.1 is located in the middle of the end line

a. Columns and beams are white, rectangular, 51 mm wide and 75 mm thick;

b. The internal distance between the two goal posts is 3.66 meters;

c. The goal post must be placed on the marker line outside the goal line, with the front facing the outer edge of the goal line;

d. The beam is fixed on the column, and the distance from the ground is 2.14 meters (7 inches);

e. The height of the column does not exceed the beam;

f. The width of the beam does not exceed the column;

g. The depth of the goal should not be less than 0.91 meters at the crossbeam, and not less than 1.22 meters at the ground.

2.2 Side Baffles

a. Length 1.2 meters (minimum), height 460 mm (18 inches);

b. placed on the ground, at right angles to the end line, fixed on the back of the column, and connected to the two ends of the tailgate, the thickness does not exceed the width of the column;

c. Painted dark inside.

2.3 Backsplash

a. 3.66 meters long, 460 mm high;

d. Placed on the ground and connected to the two rear ends of the side baffles;

e. Painted dark inside.