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Hockey history celebrity
- Apr 23, 2018 -

Rui Hao Hawks

Ridley Hawks became a member of the Australian Women's Hockey Team in 1985. In 1988, she participated in the first Olympics in Australia with the Australian team. In the semi-finals, Australia defeated Denmark 3-2, and then defeated the host South Korea 2-0 in the final to win Olympic hockey gold.

At the Barcelona Summer Games in 1992, Hawks suffered a trough in his sports career. The Australian team also lost 0:1 to the host Spain in the preliminaries and failed to qualify. At the 1996 Atlanta Olympics in the United States, Hawks had become the captain of the Australian national team and led the Australian team back to the ranks of world-class teams. They continued their previous victory and went all the way to the finals, creating an international competition with 38 companies. In the final of the game, they made a 3:3 match with the South Korean team and entered overtime. This time, they beat the opponent 3:1 and won the gold medal again. In 2000 Sydney Summer Olympics in Australia, Hawks took the oath as an athlete representative at the opening ceremony. The Australian team, as the host, did not show a good state in the first two matches, defeating the British team 2:2, 1:1 and Spain. However, the Australian team scored a six-game winning streak in the subsequent game, the total score reached 22:3, and successfully defended the Olympic hockey gold medal. After the Sydney Olympics, Hawks announced his retirement. In her sports career, Hawks participated in 279 international games in total and became the only female hockey player to win three Olympic medals (Hox's three Olympics. All medals are gold medals).