Addams Family Pinball Machine

Addams Family Pinball Machine

Multi-play virtual pinball with 845 tables in one, inluding 60's tables, 70's tables, 80's tables etc old table, and also with Pinball FX2,Pinball FX3,Visual Pinball,697 of these games are coin-operated,and other games can be disabled.

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Product Details

What is our pinball!

batman pinball machine

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For software:

1. Pinball Games Only:

Our pinball machine have 845 games, Including Future Pinball, Visual Pinball, Pinball FX2, Pinball FX3, 697 of these games are coin-operated, and other games can be disabled.


2. Pinball Game + Arcade Games:

845 Pinball games and 400 Mame games,all Mame games are coin-operated.


For hardware:

For cabinet:

1.Automatic lock bar without screw(The absence of wooden frame between glass and LCD will make the playfield clearer and more realistic when playing games).

2.Original legs

3.Excellent speakers and amplifiers shocking stereo

4.Free play or only Accepted coin

5.Pinball analog plunger function

6.Customizable pinball cabinet artwork

For Screen include:

There are 3 screen for a machine, biggest one is 42 inch screen for playfield, and one is 32 inch screen for backglass, and smallest one is 15.6 inch screen for virtual DMD, all of these screen is with HDMI and 1080p.

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